Our Products:

Ordinary Portland Cement:

Thatta OPC is unique in its Low Alkali content feature with a total content of alkalies below 0.4 percent. Thatta OPC has an advantage that it can be used in concrete made with aggregates that contain a form of silica which reacts with alkalies if present in high proportion to cause an expansion which disrupts concrete. Another special feature of the Thatta OPC is that it has low contents of Tricalcium Aluminate. This helps to control the effect of spontaneous over-heating in large masses of concrete and resistance to sulfate attack.

Thatta OPC prevents chemical attack and corrosion on RCC. Its low heat of hydration makes it suitable for mass concreting. Its high early strength makes it ideal for use in load bearing structures. Thatta OPC has a higher Blaine value and fineness which facilitates denser concrete. Thatta OPC can be used in concrete mortars and grouts. Thatta OPC is a technically advanced and cost effective solution for construction above or below ground.

Sulphate Resistant Cement:

Thatta Sulphate Resistant Cement is suitable for application in areas affected by salinity, coastal belts, piling work, dams etc. It gives protection from chemical attack and corrosion. Its high early strength and low heat of hydration makes it ideal for use in load bearing structures. Low alkali content is an additional feature of Thatta SR Cement.

Portland Blast Furnace Slag Cement:

Thatta Slag Cement has excellent properties due to its higher fineness which facilitates denser concrete, prevents penetration of chloride and sulphate solution into the foundations. Thatta Slag Cement suits structures in hostile soil environments with high salinity, harmful chemical agents which pose a risk to foundation as well as the building. Thatta Slag Cement imparts better corrosion resistance properties in reinforcement steel structures. Thatta Slag Cement can be used in dams, bridges and earth retaining structures.

Ground Granulated Blast Furnace Slag:

GGBF Slag is ground to fineness of around 4,000 Blaine. It can be used for blending with cement and also as a filler in foundations.


The cement can be dispatched by road and rail as well in bulk tankers/containers. Tremendous strength, better setting time, sulphate resistant properties, low heat of hydration and low alkali content together with low expansion make Thatta Cement an ideal building material both for above or below ground constructions.

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